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While other excavation companies are equipped only for the on-site execution of a project, CHARLES PLANTE & SONS will review all sites and plans with the owner, architect, designer and contractor to give pertinent input and discuss ways to optimize sight views and aesthetics while keeping the building budget in line.
The key to a successful project is a well-defined, thoroughly thought-out site plan. CHARLES PLANTE & SONS can review the plan for drainage, road considerations, clearing, views, building location and landscaping. Our experts consult with you, your architects, designers and general contractor and anyone and everyone who has a part in the construction of your home/project.

Efficient drainage is key to your home and our operators have laid the drainage foundation for hundreds of homesites and businesses.  We will work with an engineer and the State of Maine on stormwater management and wildlife conservation issues involving streams and wetlands, helping to mitigate the headache of permitting.

Beautiful and functional, a well-designed pond not only solves various water issues, but adds property value, recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat.  CHARLES PLANTE & SONS will work with you on site planning and execution of the perfect pond for your property.

Unforseen ledge and hidden boulders can often stop a foundation excavation in its tracks.  In the event a blasting company is required, we will subcontract to a certified blasting company who can mobilize swiftly to safely blast the desired amount of rock. 
Blasted rock can be used on site to build rock walls and other landscaping features adding to the site's aesthetics.

For construction of driveways and access roads, CHARLES PLANTE & SONS offers a large inventory of earthmoving equipment. Your site may require the large earth-moving capabilities of our biggest excavator the John Deere 230 or perhaps the versatile John Deere 450 bull-dozer with its integrated blade which makes it ideal for shaping small to mid-sized projects. We also have small excavators for smaller landscaping projects. In addition to our fleet of excavators and bull-dozers, we have rollers and the handy landscape rake designed especially for the finishing touches. No matter your needs, our experts will dispatch the appropriate equipment for your sized job.

Low Impact Construction simply means taking care to use the right equipment for the job. In many cases we find ourselves working in and around plantings, shrubbery, trees and other vulnerable features. Rest assured, we have the right equipment to minimize the impact on your property. With our small excavator and skid steer, we can get into tight spaces where other equipment just can’t go without damaging the surrounding area.

Our dump trucks and bucket loaders are perfect for pushing back snow banks for municipalities and businesses with limited parking areas. CHARLES PLANTE & SONS knows that on-time snowplowing is key to your success, whether you need your driveway cleared to get to work on time or your business parking lot needs clearing before you can open for the day.  Our operators hit the road early and often during snow storms, allowing our clients to start the day worry-free.


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